Best Canadian online casinos with Skrill

If in the early days, players who wanted to play at an Skrill online casinos in Canada could not meet a wide variety of payment methods, and they often had to use only a credit card or WebMoney, now the situation is completely different. There are as many ways to transfer money now as there are online casinos in the world. Among such methods, one of the most popular in Canada is the Skrill. What is the reason for such popularity and why it is worth choosing this method, you will find out by reading this article.

Best Canadian Skrill Online Casinos List 2023

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Welcome bonus up to 100 free spins

Welcome bonus 240% up to $12,500







How Skrill System Works?

Available since 27 July 2001
Type of payment method Wallet

People facing new electronic wallets may have difficulties in understanding the principle of operation. However, everything is not always as difficult as it seems at first glance and it will not be so problematic to switch to a new method for yourself. To start dealing with any electronic wallet, you need to go through the registration process. Skrill is no exception, so you will need to register here as well. You won't need to enter too much information, just the following:

  • first name;
  • last name;
  • country;
  • province;
  • currency;
  • email;
  • phone.

Pay attention to the last point. It is extremely important to come up with a strong password containing letters of different registers, special characters and numbers. Do not use a password that has already been entered somewhere before. Also, when entering an email, keep in mind that you will have to confirm the mail by entering the code in the sent letter, as well as all receipts will be sent to the mail. Therefore, enter only up-to-date data, including your name. This will make it easier for you to restore access to your account in case of data loss, and protection from fraudsters will be more reliable.

Canadian skrill online casinos

After completing registration, instant payments will become available to you. The currency you have chosen, for example, Canadian dollars do not necessarily have to be supported on online casinos sites. Skrill supports automatic currency conversion. That is, if you have replenished the Skrill wallet with Canadian dollars, but the online casino sites only support euros. When making a deposit using Skrill, your Canadian dollars are automatically converted into euros and you will be able to play in an online casino in euros. This also works in the opposite direction, when withdrawing funds you do not receive euros, but Canadian dollars that can be converted in Skrill.

How We Rate the Top Skrill Casinos in Canada

Using Skrill in Canada can certainly be extremely convenient. However, much also depends on the online casino chosen by the player for the game. If the choice is wrong and the Skrill casino is unfair, then you can endanger your transactions and funds. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to choose only those casinos that meet the standards. We check the most common online casinos in Canada that accept Skrill for a variety of different parameters. The main one is security, which can only be conditioned by the presence of a license and an SSL certificate. Two-way encryption at all stages of money transactions will guarantee the player that his money will be safe and will reach the casino gaming account, as well as return him back to the wallet when withdrawing funds.

Therefore, first of all, the verification takes place in several steps. First of all, the casino has to be checked on the existing databases of the controlling entities. It is not enough just to hang a «Licensed» banner on the casino's website. It is necessary to be listed in the database and this aspect will be carefully checked by specialists. The next step is to check whether the packet information is protected. Only if there is a two-way transparent encryption, the following verification points will be carried out, namely, checking payment methods including Skrill in practice. After testing the deposits and withdrawals of funds, Skrill makes a verdict regarding the convenience and speed of transaction processing. Then, to get a whole picture, reviews of players who have already played, are processed to correlate these reviews with the results of the check. If the test gave a positive result, and the reviews speak only about negative aspects, then the test is questioned and additional tests are to be carried out.

All this together will give you confidence both in the security of transactions and in the availability of the Skrill method on the site. Although Skrill is currently not as popular in the world as such a giant Paypal, Skrill has a fair chance to become the most popular wallet. At least for the gambling sites, Skrill has already become the most popular, and if there is a choice among Paypal and Skrill, then site owners often choose Skrill as the main method. Among other things, we also evaluate the variety of casino games. If you have made a deposit on a reliable gambling platform, you can be sure that while enjoying playing with a live dealer, slots, etc., you will not be deceived for real money.

How to start using Skrill in Canadian online casinos?

Without a doubt, Skrill can be called one of the most proven and affordable payment methods. Transactions are extremely profitable in terms of fees and are processed quickly. A huge number of online casinos support this type of payment and if you decide to use it, this section will help you. Use the following guide:

  • To get started, register on the Skrill e-wallet website or log in to an existing Skrill account.
  • Make sure that you have a confirmed profile, to do this, click on the link in the email.
  • Then you need to check that you have enough money on your balance. If there are not enough of them, then you need to top up your account. The easiest way to do this is by linking a bank card to the Skrill profile, so you will save time in the future.
  • After replenishing the Skrill account, it's time to use this method in an online casino.
  • Log in or register on the online casino website.
  • Almost all online casinos have a «Banking» or «Cashier» page, go to it.
  • Select «Deposit»; Select the Skrill payment method.
  • Enter the required amount.
  • Confirm the payment on the Skrill page that opens.
  • Confirm the operation and check your balance on the online casino website. The money is credited to the account within 2-3 minutes.

After these simple manipulations, you will be able to play for real money in any online casinos that accept Skrill. Some platforms have support for promo codes and various bonuses, using which you can get more benefits by making a deposit using the Skrill method. Don't forget about it. Also, some online casinos are ready to offer an exclusive bonus for those who use Skrill.

skrill online casinos Canada

More detailed information can be found in the «Promotion» section on the online casino website. Also, such special offers can often be found on other sources and resources. For example, it is extremely common now to distribute promo codes for deposits in social networks specifically for subscribers. They can also be found on websites specialized in the review of various gambling platforms. No matter how you find the promo code, you will be able to use it and get more benefits than without it. Do not neglect this opportunity.

Safety & Security at Skrill Online Casinos in Canada

If you have chosen Skrill as a payment method on an online casino site or a sports betting site, then you can be sure of the security of monetary transactions on the part of Skrill. Skrill uses advanced software that provides reliable encryption of all intermediate transaction data. This means that web attackers will not be able to get access to your data and money. Regardless of the type of monetary transactions, whether they are deposits or withdrawals, they are all protected. Even if hackers somehow managed to gain access to your account, all monetary transactions can be frozen for some time to prevent unauthorized access to money. Meanwhile, the personal data that you entered during registration in the Skrill will not be transmitted in the data packet during the transaction.

With the security on the part of the Skrill, everything is clear, it is not in doubt. This means that the main danger should be expected from the online casino. It is he who is responsible for the internal server disposal of your money, so it is so important to choose an online casino that will meet all security standards. Our specialists select online casinos exclusively according to strict safety criteria provided by the presence of such security support components as two-way encryption and server security. A reliable provider is not less important, so checking the provider is also of particular importance. If the owner of an online casino saves on an Internet connection, then all transactions will not only be processed slowly, but can also be intercepted due to an unreliable provider. In addition, with a large flow of players, especially on weekends, a bad provision of Internet connection may not cope with the flow of users and the site will work unstable. Using the online casinos from our selection, you can be sure of stability and security.

Be aware of the security on your part as well. No matter how secure the payment method or the gaming site is, you will never be able to protect your funds if you do not have individual protection on your computer in the form of an antivirus. Various keyloggers and exploits can tirelessly read the information you entered and transmit it to hackers. Therefore, first of all, take care of the security of your computer, and entrust us with the care of checking gambling sites.

Skrill vs PayPal

In this article, it would be inappropriate not to compare these two giants among electronic wallets with instant payments. If PayPal is considered to be more popular in the world, then Skrill is more often used among online casino sites and betting sites. There are reasons for this, so you need to figure out which method is more profitable and convenient to use. Let's start with the less crucial differences moving on to the more significant ones.

Availability. As already noted above, despite the fact that Paypal has always been more trusted and well-known in the world, it has not found much popularity at online casinos. Paypal is 2 years older and in many popular online stores, websites with training courses and other things, you will definitely be able to meet this method. But in an online casino, you are more likely to meet a Skrill than a Paypal. There is a special reason for this. Namely, the number of supported currencies. If Paypal supports only 25, then Skrill is ready to process and convert as many as 41 currencies. Among other reasons to choose Skrill instead of Paypal, this is the presence of 4 possible accounts for one profile in Skrill with different currencies. There is no such possibility in Paypal. Therefore, Skrill is a more affordable option.

The registration process. In general, no special differences were found, but there are some points. To access the Skrill profile, you just need to enter your name, email address and come up with a password. Further, you will have to enter the information confirming your identity only after creating an account, that is, you will be able to get acquainted with the website interface without entering confidential information. With Paypal, you will have to enter all the information at once. The processing time differs as well, in Skrill, it takes up to 24 hours, in Paypal up to 48 hours. This may not seem too critical, but it should still be reported. This is also a plus for the Skrill.

Bonuses in online casinos. Since Skrill is more common at online casinos, we should expect more profitable bonuses for players using Skrill. It is not difficult to find exclusive bonuses specifically for players making the first and subsequent deposits using the Skrill method. Such bonuses for Paypal can be found much less often, if possible at all. Also, VIP programs can be more profitable for Skrill users. Benefits upon reaching a certain level can apply exclusively to the Skrill, so this point should be further studied on a specific online casino or sports betting site. Therefore, the best way to get a bonus to your bank account on online gambling sites is a Skrill. This is one more consequence of its high popularity at gambling sites. These bonuses are often transformed into bonus money, which cannot be immediately withdrawn from the account. They need to be played first in various games, for example in live dealer games and so on. Also, for using a specific method of Skrill, free spins in slots or rank increases in the loyalty system can be given.

These were the main differences between two payment methods. As for other parameters, such as transaction processing time and transaction fees, they have no differences. Both of these methods do not require a commission, however, Skrill has a small commission for transferring funds between accounts, but this operation is absolutely not mandatory for playing in an online casino. And finally, the processing time of the Skrill and Paypal transactions depends specifically on the provider that the online casino uses.

So, let's summarize the results. We have looked at all the possible differences and similarities of these methods and now we see the full picture of what is happening. A brief summary. Advantages of Skrill:

  • Wide availability in many online casinos;
  • A larger number of supported currencies;
  • An extended bonus system for the Skrill method;
  • The ability to create multiple accounts.

Advantages of the PayPal:

  • The trust of millions of users around the world;
  • The oldest electronic wallet.

Given this information, you will be able to decide which method to use. In the end, everything will depend only on your convenience and habits.


Ask Question

Can I use Skrill to deposit in Canadian casinos?

Yes, you can use any of the 41 available currencies including CAD. To do this, during registration, select the currency that you need in the drop-down list. Also, if you chose the wrong currency during registration, it will not be difficult for you to change it in your profile or create a new account linked to the profile with the currency you need.

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Who can use Skrill?

Any player can use the Skrill. On the territory of Canada, Skrill is a fairly common payment method and any Canadian can use it after registration.

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Is it Safe to Deposit via Skrill in Canadian Casinos?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use the Skrill on online casino sites that have 256-bit SSL encryption and licenses. On the part of Skrill, there is no reason to doubt the safety, this is a proven company that has guaranteed the security of transactions for many years.