Best Australian online casinos with Skrill

Skrill online casinos in Australia are very popular in the gambling industry as a deposit method. All major online casino brands accept Skrill. And since it is a convenient and secure payment method, why not give it a try?

Best Australian Skrill Online Casinos List 2023

Welcome bonus 240% up to $12,500

Welcome bonus up to 100 free spins

Welcome bonus up to 100 free spins

Welcome bonus 240% up to $12,500







How Skrill System Works?

Present on market 2001 MoneyBookers, 2008 current brand name
Competitors PayPal, ApplePay, Neteller
Mostly used in businesses Gambling, finance, video games
Nature E-wallet, payment gateway
Skrill casinos worldwide Over 1900

To understand the reasons of popularity at online casinos, it is necessary to tell how the Skrill system works.

It performs as an intermediary between the money banking system and businesses or end recipients. Registration in the system is allowed to both private individuals and legal entities.

Currency is kept in a separate electronic wallet. To make payments, you need to use a wallet number and your email. The wallet number is usually indicated when making transfers from a bank account, and an email address is sufficient for further payments. Therefore, in the end, your counterparties will know only mail; its address can be chosen specifically for Skrill registration.

This is a very secure scheme, although it seems simple in words. The system uses modern algorithms for data encryption, electronic connection verification, etc. Since Skrill gives anonymity and speed of interaction, it is preferred by online casino customers.

Unlike many competitors, Skrill allows to have multiple currency accounts in one wallet (but not in the initial account). After additional verification, you can exchange money right inside. But at the same time be sure to look: maybe the online casino offered exchange conditions are more profitable.

Skrill casinos Australia

The Skrill system keeps pace with the times. Due to the fact that it already had extensive experience of interacting with gambling business and foreign exchange brokers (1st and 2nd place in terms of use, respectively), Skrill quickly introduced the ability to work with cryptocurrencies. Therefore, when they talk about 40+, this number refers to national currencies. Inside your account, you can receive, store and exchange BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

How We Rate the Top Skrill Casinos in Australia

All major casinos in Australia accept it. Among small and new ones, casinos that accept Skrill are as a rule. This makes the selection of an online casino for a Skrill deposited game not easier, but more difficult.

The average leisure player rarely tests many casinos. His or her choice is limited to well-known sites and recommendations from professional reviewers. Therefore, we try to save your time and be as objective as possible.

Online casino testing takes place in a special order, taking into account many parameters:

  • Quality/Speed of payment method processing;
  • Game selection to widen not only with slots or live games, but lotteries and sports betting;
  • Reviews of real players about winnings and payouts with a payment method of interest;
  • Webpage user-friendliness;
  • Desktop and mobile apps usability;
  • Selection and availability of bonuses;
  • The presence of hidden fees and inconveniences in payments.

The last point is especially interesting. When comparing the pros and cons of a particular casino, the cons are rarely focused on. But they influence the casino place in the Skrill casinos rating probably the most. At the same time, cons are not based on personal impressions of our command, but on numbers and comprehensive testing.

Parameters are checked by reviewers personally. We register and regularly play in the casino ourselves, follow the news in the industry, recheck old data. We often communicate with support staff, so we know the answers to questions that are not in the FAQs.

We admit that the first numbers in the rating may not please you personally. For example, due to casino design or choice of games or inflexible bonuses. We remind you that the given rating refers to Aussie Skrill casinos. Inside it, you can select by additional parameters. We only guarantee that the first numbers provide the largest selection of gaming options in combination with payment acceptance. And this is a rating of true Australian betting sites, they all have local licenses.

Australian skrill online casinos

We did not talk about casino security as a choice parameter, because this is discussed in more detail below. But having licenses and basic honesty is the first gateway of testing, it goes without saying.

How to start using Skrill in Australian online casinos?

To start, you need to follow the registration procedure. It is simple, completely online and does not take much time. On the official website, you will find general registration tips, so we will try to tell what else you need to consider in order to use Skrill in Australian online casinos.

  • You need to think in advance in what currency the operations should be provided. For the first two levels, you will not be able to create an additional currency wallet within the system. In addition, the exchange is beneficial only for high-level accounts. Although most of the domestic casinos operate in AUD, you may encounter other currencies.
  • We recommend using a new email with a good unique password for registration in a payment system. Make sure that you do not use mail to store letters with personal information, delete messages with names of your bank and other payment systems immediately after using.
  • Decide in advance how much you will transfer to the Skrill system as the first verification payment. The first deposit to the account is free of fee, so you shouldn't make it too little.

Then everything is simple:

  1. Go to the main page of service and find a transition to a registration form. Enter data in the appropriate fields.
  2. Confirm ownership of the email by clicking on the link sent you by letter.
  3. Inside Skrill's personal account, add the method of money transferring and use it (the system will prompt you to do it right away).
  4. Register at a new Australian Skrill casino or log in to your favorite and select the Skrill deposit options in the cashier section.
  5. Pay from Skrill and don’t forget to claim bonuses.

When you will be ready to withdraw funds, you should have an e-wallet so far. You will only need to fulfill the withdrawal conditions and not exceed the limits set by the casino and Skrill both.

Safety & Security at Skrill Online Casinos in Australia

This often is not talked out loud, but security in systems like Skrill is viewed from two sides. The first one is a possibility to be compromised, the second is whether it can prevent you from cheating yourself.

In Australia winnings are tax-free. Therefore, it is sufficient to maintain anonymity for personal purposes, unless you attempt to launder the proceeds of crime. In the latter case, the Australian casino license obliges it to report suspicious player activity to law enforcement agencies. On the other hand, Australian Skrill casinos are required by law to provide a comfortable playing environment and keep private the personal identity of gamblers.

For the average player all this means that there is no need to worry about safety. If you use Skrill in a casino with an Australian license, both systems support it.

However, the Australian licensing system in gaming is rather flexible. The 8 licensing zones apply different laws and procedures, although, in the end, they lead to the same conditions for a player through legal agreements. Some online casinos find loopholes in Australian gambling laws and get a license to cheat players later.

Therefore, simple advice to choose a licensed betting site is not enough. It is better if you play in gambling establishments that have accumulated a positive history. These online casinos are on our listings. We advise you to be suspicious of absolute newbies to the market, if you do not want to lose money without the opportunity to win.

The good thing about this payment method is that you can try new online casinos anonymously. If you do not expect to make a withdrawal, it is not necessary to provide your full passport details and welfare data. As always, do not forget about the unique passwords to access your e-wallet and wagering account.

Skrill vs Neteller

Both payment services are common in Australia. They both are used by many players to deposit and withdraw funds from online casinos. Neteller is considered Skrill's main competitor, because Skrill is more profitable in many ways, but Neteller offers several options that Skrill users cannot access in lower account levels.

Neteller benefits:

  • 23 national currencies, including AUD;
  • Fee-free operations with casino depositing/withdrawal;
  • Daily limit for initial member $2700;
  • ATM cash limit $3300;
  • Free MasterCard from Silver Member and higher ($15,000 in QR.);
  • Free transfer between wallets within the system.

Skrill benefits:

  • 41 national currencies, including AUD;
  • First level of VIP membership program starts from $6,000 in QR;
  • No fee for money transfer within system members, ATM withdrawal, credit card upload for Silver members ($15,000 in QR.);
  • Fee-free operations and bonuses with casino cash in/out;
  • Multiple currency wallet and fee-free exchange.

As you can see, Skrill provides more options and convenience, it is generally more beneficial. But Neteller is often more convenient for starter users, because it provides higher limits. It turns out that it is not necessary to fulfill the conditions and strive for a VIP in Neteller, while a VIP status in Skrill will credit significant advantages with huge limits and zero fees.

Neteller also makes it easier to get and use a branded MasterCard, while the other is making efforts to opt-out of the card.

Note also that you can easily transfer money between both systems, so you can have both wallets and decide later which deposits are the best in a particular online casino.


Ask Question

Can I use Skrill to deposit in Australian casinos?

Yes, many Australian casinos accept payment officially, and in other cases, it’s sometimes possible to agree with customer support.

Ask Question

Who can use Skrill?

18+ adults with a passport and bank account, or with a plastic card, other e-transfer wallet, cryptocurrency. You don't have to be Australian.

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Is it Safe to Deposit via Skrill in Australian Casinos?

If the online casino has a normal reputation and makes payouts, Skrill is perfectly safe.